Powerful Affections – a daily devotional

Powerful Affections -Square AllThis year’s church-wide campaign, Powerful Affections: Experiencing God’s Presence in a Seductive World, has several different elements working together to accentuate a central theme for the week that will help us direct our affections toward God.

In our Community Life Groups (small groups) we will be exploring King David’s most famous psalm – Psalm 23, a psalm written about God’s amazing goodness towards us as our shepherd. On Sunday mornings we will explore some of the other psalms of King David as we focus on God’s powerful love, sovereignty, presence, revelation, grace, and intimacy. We will also talk about a dark time in King David’s life that reveals those “forks in the road” in our own lives, where we either choose a path that strengthens our affections toward God or toward other, false idols.

In this devotional, we will study a good amount of the Bible passages that tell the story of King David’s life. As his life and adventures are revealed we will have the opportunity to learn from them, seeking to follow his example and yet also become aware of some roads to avoid. This three-pronged approach gives us a wide view of King David’s life and allows us to not only view his darkest moments, but see how he set his affection time and time again back on the Lord – so much so that he was called “a man after God’s own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14).

Finally, on each day of the devotional, we’ll have a section called “Tearing Down the Idols.” This section will focus on an attribute of God each week and give us the opportunity to see how, if we aren’t seeing God clearly, idolatry can take root. Each week we’ll walk through the process to begin tearing down those idols.

Download the devotional to read an introduction letter from Pastor Mike, suggestions on preparing for the devotions, and more.

Powerful Affections PDF

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