New Series – His-Our-My Story

New Series – His-Our-My Story

God’s great story of Revelation, Separation, Redemption, and Restoration is a story that includes each of us. We were created to be part of His story. God’s story was meant to be experienced in community with fellow followers of Jesus / disciples of Jesus, as we live out Our Story in our families, with our friends, in our small groups, and with the people of our church.

In living out our story, we practice the ‘one another’s’ in the Bible. However to live the life of a disciple is to make it personal, to infuse My story with our collective story into God’s story. It is to put out the efforts to grow in faith, not as a legalistic venture to earn faith, but to exercise and live out our faith applying the truths of Scripture to our lives.

Together, we will expand our understanding of God’s Story, encourage community practices of ‘our’ story, and help us grow in faith our personal ‘my’ story. Please join us!

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