New sermon and series: Thrive, the Easter Story

For Easter, we have started a new series entitled, “Thrive: The Easter Story“. To walk in the dust of The Rabbi is to walk so close to Jesus that we are covered in the dust His sandals would kick up, as well to walk in the precise way He walked, walking through His dust, doing what Jesus would do. Walking in the dust of Jesus is to learn about who Jesus is; His qualities, His attributes, His teachings, and living out His purposes, passions, priorities, and precepts. Our biggest obstacle to us being in the Dust of Jesus, is ourselves! We tend to want to be in our own dust and dust of other teachers like the relativism, materialism, hedonism, and individualism. However Jesus The Authority worth following and learning from. Over the next few months we will be following Jesus closely through part of Matthew’s Gospel as we learn of Him and His way of life, discovering how we might be covered with the dust of Rabbi Jesus.

Our first sermon of the series is “God’s Unconventional Plan“. Click to listen and get the study guide.