A Little Interaction Goes A Long Way

It was a rainy day and we were bustling to get under the overhang of a popular ice creamery. The line was out the door but the crowd was rearranging themselves to all fit under the shelter. People were noticing that some were still halfway out in the rain so made room for them, there… Read More ›

A Little Affirmation Goes A Long Way

So I have be doing some dieting these past few weeks. It is a great wholesale nfl jerseys eating plan with all kinds of healthy, not processed foods. Both my wife and I have more energy and just feel better. However, we are experiencing that bewilderment of looking at your plate of food, and though… Read More ›

We Need Your Good Example

Recently, my wife Kristi and I were away, and during our adventure I noticed two telling scenes that drew my attention to the need of each of us to step up and be an influential good example. One scene was a mom, with raised voice at someone in her group (I think it was her… Read More ›