Peace Matter

My wife and I were out to dinner at a fairly nice restaurant. You know, the ones with table cloths and a formal table setting, wait staff all dressed up, elegant atmosphere with soft music playing, and an elaborate presentation at each course of the meal. Well, we were enjoying this wonderful experience when a… Read More ›

Connections Matter

I was getting my car worked on at a shop where I know the owner. He is honest and does good work at a fair price. As we discussed my issue, he could not do the certain procedure I needed done, and before I could ask if he knew where to go, he said, “I… Read More ›

Strap on Some Grit!

There is a psychological term that has been coming more and more prevalent in our common day language. It is the term ‘grit.’ I’m sure a few of you have heard the word before, referring to those little particles of dust, dirt, or sand. You may have heard the word in the title of the… Read More ›

May Message from Pastor Mike

It’s May, Let’s Party!! May is month full of fun and meaningful celebrations: Mother’s Day, National Salad Month, graduations, National BBQ Day, National Chocolate Chip Day, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, Children’s Day (South Korea), Star Wars Day (may the 4th be with you), Victoria Day (Canada), National Police Week, National Hamburger Month, Nurses day,… Read More ›