New Series – Transformed By His Story

The reality of life in this sin-infested, sin-saturated life is that we experience hurts, hang-up, and create bad habits. These hurts, hang-ups, and habits hinder us from living life God’s way and hinder us from experiencing the joy and happiness God intended. However Jesus has great life-giving teaching for us if we will release control,… Read More ›

New Series – His-Our-My Story

New Series – His-Our-My Story

God’s great story of Revelation, Separation, Redemption, and Restoration is a story that includes each of us. We were created to be part of His story. God’s story was meant to be experienced in community with fellow followers of Jesus / disciples of Jesus, as we live out Our Story in our families, with our… Read More ›

New Series – the Power of Story

God’s Kingdom Parables of Matthew 13 July 6 to August 31, 2014 Life in God’s story is an incredible journey of revelation as we learn the nature and character of God and creation. However this story takes an unfortunate turn as this world experienced a devastating separation from the presence of God due to mankind’s… Read More ›

iWork: Enjoying Work Redeemed by Jesus

When Christ is central, it doesn’t mean we withdraw from real life and become a hermit or retreat to a monastery or convent. It means Jesus takes a central place in our lives and He re-orders every other element of our lives. He re-orders how we function as families and in our communities. He also… Read More ›

Celebrate Easter Week at Cypress Church

We have some great opportunities for members of our community during Easter Week 2014. Easter is a special time for Christians around the globe and the Pastors and Staff at Cypress Church are planning seven worship services for the community during Easter week 2014. Easter season celebrations at Cypress Church begin on Palm Sunday, April… Read More ›