Foundations Class

Ever been confused by the Bible? Uncertain about how to follow God? Feel like there’s so much more about being a Christian you don’t understand? If you have, then join us for our new “Foundations” class! We’ll dive into God’s Word together each week to explore all the basics: the Bible, God as Trinity, Creation, Prayer, Angels, Salvation, Heaven, and more!

Our class starts October 22nd, and will meet through December 17th, upstairs in Room #209 at 9:00am each Sunday, during our early Worship Service. We’ll be using Wayne Grudem’s Christian Beliefs, a terrific book about the basics of Christianity. Onsite Bible studies are also offered for children of all ages during this time.

To sign up, email us, call   714-952-3001, visit our lobby’s Welcome Desk, or talk with any of our staff!

Take a step forward in your faith! Take a step deeper in your understanding of God! Sign up today!