Community Life Groups


“Community Life Groups are a big part of how we thrive as followers of Christ! In our various groups, we connect to God’s people by finding and being strengthened in quality friendships, and we grow in our understanding of and relationship with God through study of the Bible and prayer. If you’re looking for answers, looking for friendship, or looking for a place to grow, our Life Groups are a terrific first step! 

         “I am very much enjoying the life group experience…Learning about the Lord and his word can be challenging for me. My life group makes it easy and comfortable to ask questions, share thoughts and ideas. I am looking forward to continuing to learn with this very amazing diverse group of people.” 


“I am grateful to have found a group where I feel at home and not judged for asking questions and seeing things differently. I am glad that I am making connections with other adults in the congregation”


To learn about our various Life Groups that meet throughout the week and throughout our neighborhood, simply email or call us at 714-952-3001. Get connected today!”

Looking for the Sermon Notes and Life Group Guide for your study this week?  Go to the SERMONS page and click on the title.   Then click the red download notes button.

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