One – One God

October 8, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Acts 17:16-34 |


ONE – One God - Our aim in life is to know God and live life His way (Ecclesiastes 12:13), but who is this God we are to know and in a world full of false deities and idols what are some distinguishing characteristics God? As well how might we explain Him to the diversity of cultures around us? That was Paul’s dilemma in Acts 17:16-34, yet though his example we can see five truths of God and how we might communicate those truth in a culturally relevant way to discover Life’s win is to know the One True God and live life His way as we discover God is truth that Compels, God is Creator without Limits, God is Sovereign and Knowable, God is a Righteous Judge that give Hope, and God is Life Changer through Belief.