Sermons Series: Aligning Our Hearts to God’s

Jeremiah described the human heart as ‘deceitful…and desperately sick” (Jeremiah 17:9) and though we like to say someone has a good kind heart we all deal with jealously, hatred, racism, arrogance, and self-obsession to mention a few heart issues. God knows our heart (I Samuel 16:7) and has provided a way through Jesus to alter the influence of our heart from Sin to Him (Roman 6:1-14) and continues to guide us (Philippians 1:6). Yet being our hearts are devious and self-centered we can be swayed by evil and instead of embracing and aligning with God’s way of life and loving leadership we tend to both run from God and expect Him to conform to our ways. We have this notion that God should align to our expectations and needs over aligning our hearts to God. Jonah was one such person who not only ran from God’s direct command, but also wanted God to align to his expectations. In all this God never gave up on Jonah and sought to bring him through circumstances to align Jonah’s heart to God’s. God does that with us as we are a lot like Jonah. Over the next four weeks will be walking with Jonah and discover God’s process of aligning our hearts to His as we Grasp God’s Mercy in Rebellion (Jonah 1), Enjoy God’s Help for a Humble Heart (Jonah 2), Experience God’s Generous Grace to Responsive Hearts (Jonah 3), and Embrace God’s Desire for a Surrendered Heart (Jonah 4).