Current Teaching Series

Life is hard. Our world seems to be moving faster than ever. Some of us love trying to keep up with the speed of change while others drag our feet at every opportunity – we don’t like change! Oftentimes we dislike the changes when we’re not ready for them, and we embrace the changes that we’re prepared for.

When we’re a little overwhelmed, nothing’s better than a “life hack.” A life hack is a shortcut that takes something complicated and makes it a little simpler. I’m grateful for those folks who are always trying to “build a better mousetrap.”

But some things are just too big for a life hack. They’re life issues. There aren’t shortcuts – at least in the traditional sense. But if we look at the tortuous routes we take towards the life God has for us, following His direction would function much like a life hack. But this isn’t a better way to do deep cleaning or ____________. Every now and then, over the next few months, we’re going to feature a real life topic and explore how we can practically walk in the Holy Spirit in this challenging way.

In addition to preaching on Sunday mornings, our desire is to provide some parallel teaching and training opportunities for growth as we go along – seminars, small group studies, elective classes, and the like. Stay tuned! Let’s learn how to gain eternal insight for our everyday issues!