Teaching Series

Jesus Saves: Loving Like Jesus in Our Neighborhood

Jesus Saves.  We’ve all heard that phrase.  Most of us delight in this truth, but we also often underestimate what it means.  Certainly it means we’ve been saved from hell and will one day experience heaven.  That’s usually what we mean, but it means far more than that.  We are not just saved from eternal death; we’re saved to a new kind of life.

There has never been anyone like Jesus.  he has revealed God like no other because He is, Himself, God.  And yet, He has called us to be His disciples, to follow Him, to become like Him.  Over the next few months we want to look at Jesus.  We’ll see how He lived and learn to walk in His ways.

We’ll see Jesus live as a neighbor to those others rejected.  We’ll see Him love the unlovable.  We’ll see Him speak the truth.  There’s never been anyone like Him and yet we’re called to be like Him with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Join us as we learn to live and love like Jesus as we study key passages in the book of Mark at each of our campuses.

  • February 5 – Jesus Saves…Proclaim It!
  • February 12 – Special Mission Sunday presentations
  • February 19 – Jesus Saves…So Slow Down
  • February 26 – Jesus Saves…So Share the Blessing
  • March 5 – Jesus Saves…So Show Compassion
  • March 12 – Jesus Saves…So Fear Not
  • March 19 – Jesus Saves…So Choose Wisely
  • March 26 – Jesus Saves…So Serve Sacrificially
  • April 2 – Jesus Saves…So Love in Word and Deed
  • April 9 – Jesus Saves…So Declare Him King!  (PALM SUNDAY)
  • April 16 – Jesus Lives!  (EASTER SUNDAY)