Teaching Series

“Sola” – 5 Ideas that Changed the World


Five hundred years ago a conflicted, obscure monk started a theological discussion that changed the world. What began as an internal church dispute became an international conflict that still rages today, even if the intensity has lessened a bit. Martin Luther was the lightning rod of the Reformation, but there were a few who preceded him and many who followed as Protestantism was born. Every Church that’s Evangelical Free, Baptist, Pentecostal, Wesleyan … and I could keep going … finds its roots in the Reformation.

Protestantism has spread globally and its diversity of expression has kept pace – sometimes to its credit, other times to its shame. Despite this diversity, there are a handful of beliefs that Protestants can rally around. These are what makes us distinct from our Catholic friends. (Note: this series is not for the purpose of bashing Catholicism, but to affirm those points of doctrine that are critical to our life, faith, and identity. In our assessment, Catholics and Protestants are both better off due to the Reformation).

More importantly, these basic beliefs aren’t just something to rally around. They’re foundations to build upon. The Reformation wasn’t just an event that happened 500 years ago. A phrase that goes along with it is semper reformanda, always reforming. Our prayer is that this five-week series will instruct us as we look back, but strengthen us as we move forward to fulfill God’s purposes in our lives, our churches, and our world.

Dig in! We’re recommending the additional small book “A Simple Way to Pray” for anyone who prefers “homework” each week, guiding them through formational insights on prayer based on Martin Luther’s own writings. It has 5 chapters, to nicely coincide with this 5-week ‘Sola’ series.

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