Aug 31st, Day #13 - John 6:1-59

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"Jesus said to them, 'I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst'"– John 6:35


Where do you feel most unsatisfied? 

What might it look like for Jesus to satisfy that hunger or thirst in your life? 

Invite Jesus to show you! 

Game on

Read John 6:1-59


Have you seen God provide for your needs? Have there been times when you asked Jesus for something, but you are still waiting for an answer? Jesus promises we will never go hungry or thirsty.  Does that mean we will have everything we want? No. But he will provide everything we need!


Today’s passage speaks to me personally. While I was doing ministry in South Africa, children came to learn about Jesus and be fed at the JIM JAM (Jesus in Me, Jesus and Me) club. One day about 450 children arrived. However, we had planned for 300 children and had just enough food to feed them. I saw the faces of the children, many hadn’t eaten all day and wouldn’t for several days to come. We prayed over the food and started serving it. The food didn’t run out and there was enough to feed everyone. It really did multiply! God filled their stomachs so He could feed their souls. This happened more than once.


Like the disciples, sometime we doubt and fear. Yet, we need not because Jesus is always there for us. He is even in the details.

your move

Your Move: Let’s look to what God wants to say directly to you today through John 6:1-59

Scripture: Where did the Holy Spirit direct your focus as you read this passage?


Observation: Count how many times the word bread is used in this passage? Why might Jesus be stressing the importance of Him being the true Bread of Life?


Application: Jesus says “It is I; do not be afraid.” Where are you afraid in life right now: finances, food, your children, legal affairs, a relationship, school, job? How might Jesus, as the true Bread of Life, calm that fear, satisfy that hunger, alleviate that worry in your life?


Prayer: Invite Jesus into “bread cravings” (those things we look to quench our hungers, fears, pain) and ask Him to satisfy the desires or fears of your heart and household. 

bonus round

Today, we'll take another artistic approach to dive deeper into this passage's theme. 

Read today's passage over again, then watch this video.


How do you think the disciples would have felt, seeing Jesus walking on the top of the Sea of Galilee towards them in the boat? When He said "Do not be afraid" what do you think their response was?

With this song in your head, are you responding to Jesus doing incredible things around you, in your life. When He calls you to join Him, or to step out in faith, saying "Do not be afraid" what is your response? 

Pray to God today, asking Him for courage to "step out of your boat" and follow where Jesus is leading you. Pray for bravery, to move forward, even in the midst of your fear!