September 10th, Day #23 - John 11:1-44

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“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,”– John 11:25


What do you think Jesus means when He says He is “the resurrection and the life”? 

How do you need Him to bring new life to your world today?  

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Read John 11:1-44


A few years ago, I went through an incredibly difficult time in my life. On one occasion I was driving on the 110 freeway on my way home after receiving some devastating news. I was a mess and could not stop crying. The tears muddled my sight and I could barely see the road ahead of me! In that moment of pain, I asked God why things had to turn out the way they did. There was no immediate response; only the sense that He would not let me face this trial alone.


Have you ever been in a similar situation? Have you ever asked God, “Why? Why me Lord?” The answer from God is not usually immediate, what we expect, or even what we want to hear, but it does remind us that our lives are not our own.  Our lives belong to Him and He will use our lives to bring glory to His name.


As you read today’s passage, take note of Mary and Martha’s interactions with Jesus. What were they expecting from Jesus and how did He respond?   

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Let’s look to what God wants to say directly to you today through John 11:1-44


Scripture: Notice the phrases that pop out at you. What about them that catches your eye? What might God be trying to tell you?


Observation:  Why do you think Jesus lingered before going to Lazarus? How would you have felt if you were Mary and Martha?


Application: What specific area of your life do you need to reaffirm and recommit your faith, trust, and belief that Jesus is the resurrection and the life?

Prayer: Come to Jesus right now with whatever struggles, disappointments, pains, fears, or loss you have and give them to Him. Let Him do with them what He will, in His timing, for His glory, believing that Jesus is who He says He is.   


Can you imagine how losing Lazarus would have felt for Mary and Martha? or for Jesus? Check out the powerful personal story in this video to get an idea of how Jesus and his friends may have felt...and how God was ready to come through and be present there with them. 


What emotions come up for you when you read this account in John 11? How does your own experience with loss relate to the people in this account? How has God met you in the midst of that loss? How would you like Him to? Spend some time in prayer, talking with God about all the elements this passage and this video bring up in your own heart and mind.