September 2nd - Day #15


My wife, Kristi, and I have had the joy of not only experiencing young love ourselves (and still do as we are madly in love with each other), but we also have the joy of witnessing it as each of our children have traveled this path as well. The journey of love compels us to brave whatever hurdles or obstacles or personal issues might stand in our way. The curiosity to find out more about the one we love motivates us to explore, investigate, and discover. This longing to know more, this passionate, supercharged curiosity propels us to build, strengthen, and form a deeper and deeper commitment.


Love creates a curiosity to know more. As people move from the crowd (a place of not knowing much of Jesus) to becoming curious (wanting to know more about Jesus), the vision of God’s love will be compelling to many. When people hear – as we will later in John – that greater love has no one than the one that lays down his life for his friends (John 15:13) or that while we were still sinners, Jesus died for us (Romans 5:8), this truth of Jesus’ great love is compelling. It will move many from being curious about Jesus to being convinced that He is who He says He is.


Enjoy the journey through John’s gospel this week, but focus in particular on where you see this transition from curious to convinced happen in the text. And perhaps spend some time examining your own life: have you made this step of faith, this choice to love Jesus more? Have you been convinced of His great love for you? If not, are you at least growing curious?


This week we’re looking at how we make the transition from Curious to Convinced.


 Since we’re talking about the transition from the Curious to the Convinced, let’s review what we mean by each of these.


Curious - These people have a desire to know more about Jesus. They are spiritually sensitive and a little hungry to learn more about what they have seen and experienced in regards to the Bible, faith, and the Triune God.


Convinced - This person has a conviction that they are sinful, know that they need a Savior, understand that it is Jesus, and even desire to live life God’s way. They may or may not have made a decision to follow Jesus or accepted Jesus as their Savior, yet they are certain Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. They are either growing in this conviction or seriously considering it. They have some doubts and a lot of questions.