September 23rd, Day #36

the journey from commissioned to crowd

Years ago, as a youth pastor, I was awakened early in the morning by one of my students. Bryan had bleached, shiny blond hair and always wore board shorts, sandals, and a T-shirt. He often looked like he just got out of the water and had sand between his toes. On this morning he had a look of desperation on his face. He’d had an intense encounter with God while he was surfing that morning and was convinced God called him to be His servant. “So Mike, what does it mean to be a servant of God?” he asked me.

For the next few hours we talked about God’s call on our lives and what it means to live out God’s unique call. Bryan was stunned. Several times he asked, “Why would God want me? I’m supposed to be on a mission from God?!”

As we continued to talk, Bryan saw that God had uniquely placed him with a tight group of friends that needed Jesus. He even saw that his surfing ability could give him a platform to tell people about God. Bryan followed through on God’s call and brought many of his friends to know Jesus.

Whether you surf or not, God has gifted each of us to make a difference. Recall where we started this all-church focus: all of us are born in the crowd, separated from God. It was the God the Father who took the initiative to send Jesus to us in the crowd. He is still sending today, but now He’s sending us, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to tell others of what Jesus has done for us – and them. This week will be focused on what Jesus did for us and it’s the message He’s commissioned us to share with others.


This week we’re completing the circle by being the Commissioned who take the message to the Crowd.


Since we’re talking about the Commissioned going to the Crowd, let’s review what we mean by each of these.

Commissioned - These are people who have discovered God’s unique call on their lives and are actively fulfilling it. They are discovering or have a grasp on their spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12) and are employing them in God’s unique call on their church to be a blessing to its surrounding community.

Crowd - These are the non-believers/un-churched people of our community. They are part of the over one million people that live in a ten mile radius of our church. They know nothing to very little about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or the Bible, and tend not to care. They could be of another religion, or humanist, atheist, agnostic, or of no religious interest or desire. They do not have a faith in the God of the Bible. This is where every single one of us begin our spiritual journey.