September 24th, Day 37 - John 19:1-30


(Remember, if you only have five minutes in the morning, start here and chew on this all day).


When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, "It is finished," and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. – John 19:30


No more pain. No more suffering. No more fighting. 

What do you think Jesus was finishing as He died on the cross? 

How can we trust more in Christ’s finished work on the cross? 

What difference would that make in our lives?


Read John 19:1-30

Like most, I enjoy a good story. Some of my favorites are The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Braveheart. They have the rare storyline of a king giving himself up for his people. That’s a far cry from the power we see exercised in our world today.

Such is characteristic of Jesus’ humble leadership throughout the gospels, particularly in today’s passage. Jesus knows He is King and has the power to stop it all, but He gives it all up because He knows who He is and what He needs to do. Our faith would be nothing if our Lord and King did not become our Savior by dying on the cross. I am always amazed at the attitude and humility in which He did it. Incredible.

Jesus’ example motivates me to humble myself before God, but also before man. Jesus was treated horribly, but the Father’s love sustained Him. As I live as a disciple, whether abroad or at home, I can expect to go through horrible situations, too. And the Father loves me the same. Therefore, I can, and should, walk through them in humility as well by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Let’s look to what God wants to say directly to you today through John 21:1-14.

Scripture: What is God directing your heart toward in today’s passage?

Observation: Jesus speaks only three times during our passage (once before the cross, once on it, once at the end of it). How do Jesus’ actions speak in this passage?

Application: What images come to mind when you think of the words “humble” or “humility”? Are they positive or negative? Desirable or repelling? How can you model Jesus’ humble posture?

Prayer: Take a few moments to imagine yourself seated next to Jesus’ mother at the foot of the cross. What is happening around you? What is the temperature outside? What is happening inside your heart? Re-live this scene with Jesus and share your experience of His love with Him.


The emotions within this scene in today's passage are just as valuable to note as the historical facts. After you've read today's passage, listen to this song (click on the video link below).



Let the lyrics and themes of this song resonate in you as you listen and ponder. How would you have felt standing there watching Jesus' crucifixion, alongside the crowd there? Why did He go through with this, His Father's plan? Why did He have to? What were the results? 

Let this song run through your mind today, reminding you of all Christ has done for you on the cross!