September 30th, Day #43 - John 21:15-25

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Jesus said to him, "If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!" – John 21:22


Who do we constantly focus on, rather than fixing our eyes of Jesus? 

What distracts us from following after Jesus? 

Jesus wants us to concentrate on Him no matter what everyone else is doing. 

Ask Jesus to help you make it your aim to please Him, wherever you are and whatever you find yourself doing! 

game on

Read John 21:15-25


Today is our last day of Game On! It might be appropriate to say “Game Over.” That’s how Peter felt going in to today’s passage. He had denied Jesus and now he’s going back to his fishing boat. This Jesus thing was great while it lasted, but the game’s over now.


But with Jesus the game’s never over. He restored Peter, not just to a relationship, but to responsibility. He gave Peter a mission. We have one as well. Jesus isn’t content for us to sit back in the Crowd or even stay in the place of Curious or Convinced. He has a mission for you. He’s placed you strategically in this community to make a difference for Him. Will you?


It’s the last day of Game On!, but the real game is just beginning. What is your next step? 

your move

Let’s look to what God wants to say directly to you today through John 21:15-25


Scripture: As you read, take time to notice the phrases that pop out at you. What is it about them that catches your eye?


Observation: How many times did Jesus ask Peter if he loved Him? Do you recall how many times Peter denied Jesus? (If not, see John 18:15-27). Finally, note how many times Jesus tells Peter to serve His people. 


Application: When have you felt that you’ve failed beyond recovery? How does Jesus’ restoration of Peter give you hope? What difference can it make for you today? 


Prayer: Ask Jesus for a fresh start and a new energy to serve Him regardless of what the past holds. He’s telling you, “You follow me!” Ask for the courage to do so.

post-game review

This is it! This is the final review. God wants to send each of us as His Commissioned followers to the Crowd that doesn’t know Him. We pray you’re a little better equipped for this amazing opportunity offered to us.


Reviewing the last several weeks, what are the final themes you see emerging? Are they varied or consistent?


What do you think God wants to do with this?


What’s your plan for making these steps turn from theory to practice?


Who can help you on this journey? 


  • Follow up on that Serve Day opportunity from last week! 
  • You can still pray about it, but it’s time to take action on showing God’s love to one of your actual neighbors in a tangible way and to pray that if they don’t know Jesus they become curious about who He is.
  • Start praying about a short term mission trip for next year or some ongoing local service opportunity in the community.
  • Let us know about your next step, or any questions you might have!