September 5th, Day 18 - John 7:53-8:30


And Jesus said, "Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more." – John 8:11

Where do you most need to hear Jesus’ voice refusing to condemn you, yet challenging you to move forward in your faith? 

Talk to Jesus about where you need Him most today.


Read John 7:53-8:30

A great screenwriter has the ability to engage a wide variety of ages in a film – kids are drawn into the simplest version of the story while the humor is caught by the adults. It’s almost as if there are two levels of story going on. Do you see that here in John 8?

Jesus masterfully rebuffs the attempts of the teachers of the law and Pharisees to trap Him (8:3) and, while His speech is plain and simply worded, it implies a much greater truth than they can grasp (8:27). It’s kind of like the joke going over the heads of the kids in that flick.

You see, Jesus is calling them to look at their own sin (8:7, 12, 24), to accept Him as their Messiah and Savior, but they cannot. Even though they claim to serve God they do not really know God, and they are not willing to let go of their sin and follow this Man who claims to be I AM.

Jesus told the woman to leave her life of sin. What would He tell you to leave?


Let’s look to what God wants to say directly to you today through John 7:53-8:30

Scripture: What verses are capturing your attention? How so?


Observation:  From where does Jesus draw His confidence to speak and teach and act the way He does?


Application: Jesus saved this woman from sudden death and then told her to leave behind her life of sin, like those that had left behind their stones. What would He tell you to leave behind today?


Prayer: Spend some time talking with Jesus. Invite Him to show you what you need to leave behind or surrender what He wants you to be free from. Thank Him for His understanding and grace.

bonus round

How must this woman have felt, to have Jesus speak about her, and to her, in this way? Check out this powerful story about another woman, who encountered Jesus in a similar state, but in our modern age. 


What struck you about Annie's story? How did she become curious about God? How did she become convinced Jesus was worth following, and that she was worth being a part of God's family? 

Take some time to reflect on your own story today. Pray, asking God to help you take the next step forward with Him, despite your past, trusting in His love and forgiveness!