September 9th - Day #22

The Journey from Convinced to Committed

Near La Jolla Cove on the coast of San Diego, there’s a place called “The Clam.” It’s a narrow inlet in the cliffs where the ocean surge comes in and out with the tide. It used to be a place (at least in the 70’s) where people would venture out on the cliff, timing it just right with the surf, and jump. It is now outlawed due to many injuries, even fatalities. Before it was forbidden, I used to enjoy watching would-be jumpers walk back and forth uncertainly, trying to talk themselves (or have their friends talk them) into making the leap. Sometimes while they were pacing, trying to crank up their courage, some confident diver would buzz right by them and execute a dramatic dive. It takes courage and great risk to jump into the unknown.

It takes that same risk and courage to jump into life’s unknown ventures. We only takes those risks and make those leaps when we’re absolutely convinced of the outcome or prepared to face the consequences. Be it a promotion at work that stretches our skill set, a willingness to risk vulnerability and jump into a relationship, or the risk of a commitment to a church, we have to be convinced it’s worth doing or we won’t take the plunge.

Last week we focused on how God’s love creates curiosity that convinces us. And when we’re struck by God’s love, it isn’t long until we commit to Him with our whole lives. Becoming convinced in our spiritual lives begins with our certainty that Jesus is the way, which moves us along to some serious growth on the path of discipleship and following Jesus. We become committed. And when we’re committed, everything changes.

Reviewing the Game Board

This week we’re looking at taking our game to the next level and making the move from Convinced to Committed. 


Since we’re talking about the transition from the Convinced to the Committed, let’s review what we mean by each of these.

Convinced - This person has a conviction that they are sinful, know that they need a Savior, understand that it is Jesus, and even desire to live life God’s way. They may or may not have made a decision to follow Jesus or accepted Jesus as their Savior, yet they are certain Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. They are either growing in this conviction or seriously considering it. They have some doubts and a lot of questions.

Committed - These people have come to the place in their spiritual journey where they have made a commitment to follow Jesus. They have believed in Jesus as their Savior and Lord. They believe in Jesus as the Christ, they believe in the God of the Bible, and they have received the Holy Spirit upon conversion (Romans 8:9). They desire to grow in knowledge and experience with Christ and to serve God in any way. Their desires and passions are being shaped like Jesus’ and they are patterning their life-purposes after God’s biblical purposes.