This is JIM

Jim helps on the business side of the church by working within a framework of support that creates governing policies for benefits, ministerial and property insurance, hardware and software and contractual maintenance agreements.  He manages all these activities within a framework of our congregational supported budget.  

Jim is an ardent Lakers fan and doesn't miss a game while sitting on his couch. Where else would he be as a retired person but sitting on the couch watching too much television.  His quest for his remaining years is to serve God in seeking his will and direction so that he finishes well.  Praise God!

Jim is a retired professional that spent his career in the aerospace industry with Douglas/McDonnell Douglas/Rockwell/Northrop/Boeing.  He jump started his career with a degree in Personnel Management from the University of Illinois and 4 years in the military in Germany as an officer.  In the early years of my career he also obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Long Beach.

He started coming to Cypress Church in 1984 but didn’t become a member until years later. 

In 2006 he was approached to see if he was interested in a project at the church.  When interviewed the description of the project sounded like a job which he accepted pending the interview with the Elders. When interviewed by the Elders they asked if he would be willing to work 5 years, he answered that he was retired and would commit to only one year.  That was 12 years ago and still counting.

He has been extremely blessed in his working career. He has had many wonderful experiences working in the aerospace industry including working at Cape Canaveral witnessing and supporting space shuttle activity.  Here at church Jim has witnessed God’s activity in seeing how He provides.