Ron Jackson is our funny, wise old man on staff who has served for over 30 years as a full-time pastor.  He has served as a Children’s Pastor, Senior Adult Pastor, Pastor of Care Ministries and now wearing two hats, one as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for the last 11 years and the second hat continuing his role as a pastor at Cypress Church. On top of all that he even found time to serve a six year stint with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department as a Sheriff’s Chaplain and was Lead Chaplain for all of Los Angeles County for one year.

Some of Ron’s Favorite things are:

* listening and interacting with people

* Reading a good book of fiction

* Enjoying a meal with his wife at Bob’s Big Boy

Ron felt his call to ministry while in High School and made a personal commitment to Christ in his sophomore year of High School. Following this decision after graduating High School he attended Biola College and received his B.A. in Christian Education then followed Talbot Theological Seminary with a M.A. Ron also got married in 1978 to his lovely wife Marilyn. He was ordained into the ministry in the spring of 1979 and can officially be called a Reverend. A few years later he enrolled at Claremont Graduate School to begin work on his Ph.D. in Childhood Development.  

Completing all his course work he eventually needed to make a heart wrenching decision to complete his dissertation or attend to the needs of his young family.  (Two children under five). He chose his family and left Claremont ABD. Eighteen years later Ron enrolled at Vanguard Graduate School and began pursuing a degree in Clinical Psychology. Graduating in 2005 with a second Master Degree this time in Clinical Psychology and eventually earning a counseling license with the State of California. He now counsels as a License in Marriage and Family Therapist (#46561) and continues to serve Cypress Church as a Pastor.

Ron is here to serve both his church and his community by applying the timeless truth of scripture and the best insights of psychology to the hurting needs of those around him.